Overview on Stata figure schemes

Throughout the years, I have created several Stata figure schemes. This post gives you a brief overview about what I produced. If you want to learn more I would push you to read my Stata article on figure schemes (and some of the work Ben Jann has done).


You can install all of these schemes in Stata by using the ssc install command:

ssc install blindschemes, replace all 

blindschemes contains the plotplain and plottig themes. If you want to install the 538 scheme, use g538schemes instead.

Afterwards you can then set one of the schemes as your default scheme:

set scheme plottig, permanently

If you have more questions please get in touch. But before getting in touch make sure that your issue is not addressed in this PDF.

In the last years the amount of user-written schemes has exploded. To get an overview check out this github repository as well as this blog post.

PS: I will try to update this post from time to time. Get in touch if you want me ton include other themes/overview pages.