1. OSF
    Out-group Threat and Xenophobic Hate Crimes: Evidence of Local Intergroup Conflict Dynamics between Immigrants and Natives
    with Sascha Riaz and Markus Wagner,
    revise & resubmit: Journal of Politics 2021
  2. OSF
    Wealth of Tongues: Why Peripheral Regions Vote for the Radical Right in Germany
    with Daniel Ziblatt and Hanno Hilbig,
    revise & resubmit: American Political Science Review 2021
  3. OSF
    How Simple Messages Affect Voters’ Knowledge and Their Perceptions of Politicians
    with Roman Senninger,
  4. OSF
    Lost in Transition – Where Are All the Social Democrats Today?
    with Thomas Kurer,
    prepared for an edited book by Silja HĂ€usermann and Herbert Kitschelt 2021
  5. The Consequences of Punishing Political Ideologies in Democracies – Evidence from Employment Bans in Germany
    with Vicente Valentim,
    available upon request 2021
  6. The Political Legacies of Military Service: Evidence From a Natural Experiment
    available upon request 2021
  7. Does Exposure to Radical Right Rallies Affect Political Behavior and Preferences – Evidence From the Far Right Pegida Movement in Germany
    available upon request 2021
  8. Targeting the Left Behind? Place-Based Policies and Regional Inequality
    with Valentin Lang and Nils Redeker,
    available upon request 2021


  1. How Perception of Support Drives Vote Switching to Challenger Parties
    with Denis Cohen,
    available upon request 2020


  1. Seeking the Personal Vote: How Legislators Exploit the Party Line
    with Gidon Cohen, Sarah Cohen, Florian Foos, Patrick M. Kuhn, Kyriaki Nanou, Neil Visalvanich and Nick Vivyan,
    available upon request 2018


  1. The Formative Effect of Being at War as a Child
  2. Where Do All the Radical Right Voters Come From?
    with Thomas Kurer,