Daniel Bischof

Aarhus University

Building: 1340, Room: 234

Bartholins Allé 7, DK

8000 Aarhus C, DK

I am an Associate Professor (tenured) of Political Science at the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University. Prior to Aarhus, I have been an SNF Ambizione (2019-2023) and postdoctoral fellow (2015-2019) at the University of Zurich.

I primarily work on and teach Comparative Politics, Political Behavior and Political Economy. As a scientist, I seek to address research questions which are relevant to both the academic as well as the public debate. This means that I work on some of the key challenges contemporary democracies are facing such as the rise of extremism, its societal consequences, remedies to mitigate extremism, and the erosion of social norms more generally. My studies are primarily empirically oriented using research designs which seek to rigorously test theoretical arguments mostly with (quasi-)experimental designs. If you want to learn more about my work you can find it on the papers, publications and projects pages on this website.




selected papers

  1. APSR
    Wealth of Tongues: Why Peripheral Regions Vote for the Radical Right in Germany
    American Political Science Review 2023
  2. JoP
    Place-Based Campaigning: The Political Impact of Real Grassroots Mobilization
    with Thomas Kurer.
    Journal of Politics 2023
  3. APSR
    Tabloid media campaigns and public opinion: Quasi-experimental evidence on Euroscepticism in England
    with Florian Foos.
    American Political Science Review 2022
  4. AJPS
    Do Voters Polarize When Radical Parties Enter Parliament?
    American Journal of Political Science 2019