Overview of my teaching portfolio

Current coursework:

  • [MA seminar @Aarhus:] Political Culture and Norms: How Societies Change (Syllabus)

  • [BA lecture & tutorials @Aarhus:] Political Institutions

Former coursework:

  • [MA thesis colloquium @ETH & Uni Zurich:] MACIS thesis colloquium (Syllabus)
  • [MA seminar @Zurich:] Invasive Parties: Where New Parties Come From And How They Change Party Systems (Syllabus)
  • [MA seminar (with Daniele Caramani) @Zurich:] Left-Right in Global Perspective (Syllabus)

  • [BA seminar @Zurich:] Parteien & Parteiensysteme (Syllabus)
  • [BA lecture & tutorials (with Daniele Caramani) @Zurich:] Vertiefung Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft (Syllabus)

Designed but not taught:

  • [MA seminar:] The Means and Ends of Party Manifestos & Party Positions (Syllabus)